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"Join Adrian and Amber's Practical, Easy To Follow, Step-by-Step Online Real Estate Development Home Education Learning Program (RED HELP)!"

Since you're here you've probably realised that small real estate development can be a great way to fast track your wealth creation. We’ve had so many people ask us "how do you manage to achieve significant profits through small property development while reducing your risk?" and "Can you show me how to do it?" Rather than spend all our free time answering the same questions over and over again, we decided to reveal everything we did to build a sustainable RED business by developing an easy to follow online Real Estate Estate Development Home Education Learning Program (RED HELP). RED HELP is based on our popular small property development book 'RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profit$'.

It’s a unique step-by-step online program to help anyone who wants to get started in small property development or has a burning desire to take control of their own financial destiny, fast track their wealth creation and use Real Estate Development as the investment vehicle to enable them to retire much quicker than the traditional real estate investing strategies. 

The RED Club is perfect for anyone who wants to get started in small real estate development but just don’t know where to begin. Because Real Estate Development is a multi-layered, ever changing industry that constantly presents new challenges and requires continuous learning we’re confident that even seasoned real estate developers would find our program beneficial.

Whether you’re a novice or have some level of Real Estate Development knowledge we’ll hold your hand at every step, answer your questions and provide ongoing support so you can get started with your own property development project and begin to build a RED business.

We've found that the basic fundamentals of Real Estate Development are universal and therefore we've made every effort to cover strategies and techniques that we believe can be applied not only Australian wide but also worldwide. So no matter where you're from you can take advantage of the opportunities that the RED Club has to offer.

Now with two levels of membership to choose from, RED for those who want to work at a slower pace and GOLD for those who want to fast track their learning experience, both represent extraordinary value.  Believe me, it's a fraction of what we’ve spent to learn all this valuable information but more importantly it can help avoid those costly mistakes that newcomers tend to make in the beginning. We wished we’d known all this when we first got started! 

Exceptional Value For Money

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information the RED Club offers members. It is I believe exceptional value for the monthly membership fee.

I am so impressed with the content of your eLessons and I can honestly say, I have never come across anyone offering the bonus gift offers we receive here as members.

My daughter is turning 22 in a few months time and I have decided that a membership subscription to the RED Club will be a great present and investment in her financial future. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Keri - Gold Coast Australia


We're Proud To Be Helping Beginners Get Started In Small Real Estate Development!

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RED Club Monthly Membership - Easy Pace (for those who want to work at a slower pace with a lesser degree of support)

As a RED Club monthly member we'll email you WEEKLY eLessons and take you through the exact same real estate development process that we use from conception to completion.

RED Club monthly membership is perfect for those budding developers who have a little more time on their hands and who want to learn at a slower pace. It is also for those who only require email support via the RED HELP Desk once a month. To get the maximum benefit out of your RED Club membership we suggest you commit to at least 7-8 months or at least the first 30 eLessons.

Your credit card will be debited $98 $49 per month and you can unsubscribe at any time. To become a RED Member click here... SPECIAL OFFER RED MEMBERSHIP WAS $98 PER MONTH NOW $49 PER MONTH.


RED Club GOLD Annual Membership - Express Pace (for those who want to fast track their learning with one-on-one time from us, unlimited email support and GOLD member-only benefits - now includes 18 months membership and mentoring)

RED Club GOLD annual membership is perfect if you want to fast track your learning experience and want to receive regular one-on-one coaching time with us. You'll get through the first 30 weeks of our online Real Estate Development Home Education Learning Program (RED HELP) in just 30 days. Plus being a GOLD member allows you to receive unlimited ongoing email support and monthly one-on-one coaching calls plus heaps of other exclusive GOLD Member-only benefits and bonuses.

As a RED Club GOLD annual member we'll email you the first 30 weeks eLessons in just 30 days. You'll receive DAILY eLessons for the first month that take you through the exact same real estate development process that we use from conception to completion then you'll receive ongoing regular eLessons with more advanced real estate development strategies, hints and tips.

Gold membership is ideal if you want to learn the basics much faster and receive lots of advice and support along the way including monthly one-on-one coaching calls. Many newcomers don't have a project underway yet so they take advantage of the regular one-on-one support by asking all their initial questions about things such as: getting started, planning, location, site acquisition, etc. In fact it is recommended that you haven't yet purchased a development site as we cover the initial pre-purchase criteria of choosing a great location and site for development in the first few eLessons.

Your credit card will be debited a one off payment of $4498 for 18 months membership which includes the 30 day fast track eLessons, regular mentoring sessions and heaps of other great bonuses.

To find out exactly what benefits you receive as a GOLD member see below. To become a GOLD member and fast track your learning experience click here...


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'RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profits' Readers-only SAVE $$ on Gold Membership.

Here’s just a little of what you can expect as a RED Club Member:

Easy to Follow Online Interactive eLessons That Take You Through The Small Real Estate Development Process

Learning has just become a whole lot easier! Your online interactive eLessons will arrive straight into your email inbox so you can go through them in the comfort of your own home and in your own time - and for a fraction of the cost of purchasing big packs or attending expensive workshops and seminars.

The great thing is, the information you'll receive is not just theory - it's exactly what we've done and still do today to earn a great living from property. In each eLesson you'll be taken step-by-step through the exact Real Estate Development process we use to make significant profits and build a sustainable RED business plus we don't hold anything back.

We reveal our most closely guarded real estate insider trade secrets and strategies plus heaps of Real Estate Development Tips that massively accelerated our net worth. In fact, we strongly believe that we go further than most real estate investing courses out there.

Each eLesson is packed with downloadable videos and audios that you can watch and listen to over and over again at your convenience - travelling in your car or whenever you listen to your iPod. This means of course you don't have to take time off work, or give up your weekends and be away from your loved ones, to attend (usually interstate) workshops and take lengthy notes learning this stuff, anymore.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in the first few eLessons:

  • In eLessons 1 and 2 you’ll discover the important real estate investing strategies and the mindset it takes to become a successful Real Estate Developer.
  • In eLesson 5, we reveal the real estate investing criteria and tools we use to select a site for our development projects. This enables us to see if it’s a great deal or avoid being stuck with a real estate development ‘lemon’ before we spend any money.
  • In eLesson 8 we cover 'crunching the numbers' and the Financial Feasibility analysis of a property development project, including the property development software we use. This provides the answer to the most critical question of all – “Will my proposed real estate development project be profitable?”

And best of all, your real estate development home education can begin as soon as you become a RED Club Member because your first eLesson (along with the surprise bonuses!) will arrive straight to your inbox.


Opportunities to Meet and Network With Other Like-Minded Small Real Estate Developers Through The Members-only RED Club Forum

One of the things that makes the RED Club so special and unique is that each member has exclusive access to the Members-only RED Forum. You'll get to meet other like-minded real estate investors, new and experienced property developers and all sorts of professionals. This means you get the opportunity to network, share their experiences, leverage off their knowledge, and possibly even explore potential joint venture opportunities.

This is invaluable because you're able to ask them questions, chat to them about their successes, their challenges, and life in general so you can reach your goals faster, with more fun and before you spend any money on your real estate development project.

Imagine the benefits of, being able to pick the brains of experts, when you're facing anything you're unsure of.

And for those who don't have a partner that shares your passion for real estate investing or for those who would just feel more confident doing their first few property developments with a friend. The RED Forum makes it easier because it's a great way to find a RED Buddy for extra support and encouragement.


You'll Receive Regular RED Alert Emails Reviewing New Products Including Special Members-only Offers, Discounts and Invites


We've constantly got our fingers on the industry pulse looking for great real estate investing products and services that will be of real benefit to RED Club members.

Imagine the value to you, and to your potential property development success, of this up-to-date information.

As soon as we find a great deal on a real estate investing related product or service you'll receive an email immediately so you can be the first to take advantage of any special offers or discounts and RED Club GOLD members-only extra surprises and invites.


The REDDreport Emailed Directly To Your Inbox

Another exclusive benefit is that you'll also receive our regular REDDreport newsletter which is full of valuable Real Estate Development and Design news, information, hints and tips. We know that an important element in our success was to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing real estate industry and you'll have the same access to this information as we do. To have a look at past REDDreports click on the following link: REDDreport Archives


Real Life Case Studies With RED Members And Ordinary Property Developers Who Are Achieving Extraordinary Results

We know from experience that it helps a lot, when starting out in small Real Estate Development, to find out what others have successfully done. So we look at ordinary Mum and Dad property developers and RED Club members who are achieving extraordinary results.

To view Kathy and Stuart's townhouse development real life example click here...

You'll also get to walk through some of our smaller residential property development projects - so you don't make the same mistakes that we made in the early days. We talk about our experiences and the challenges that we faced in the beginning and how we overcame them by turning them into positives.

Below is just a short video extract which we include in eLesson 3 - a Case Study of one of our first New Home Development Projects. In eLesson 3 we also talk about our experiences as owner builders plus we include the architectural drawings Adrian prepared, our building sequence checklist and our real life spreadsheet of costing and expenses.

New Home Development Video

This file could take a few moments to download.

We want you to be a successful property entrepreneur so with our real estate development projects we completely share our 'blueprints' and open up our computers to show you in detail how we conduct our property development financial feasibility studies. And you'll get to look over our shoulders while we complete our ‘Due Diligence’ process, 'crunch the numbers’ and go through the entire real estate development process we use from concept to completion.


Exciting Video and Audio Interviews With Some of The Best Property Developers And Professionals In the Business

We interview other successful Property Developers and Professionals so you get the opportunity to leverage off their years of valuable knowledge and experience.

We’ll share the secrets of successful real estate development with multi-million dollar property developers. We'll ask them how they got started, the lessons they’ve learnt on developing millions of dollars worth of property and the Mindset they’ve used to achieve it, plus what they’re up to now.

We'll also interview some of our Real Estate Investing Professionals and others to find out what their number one real estate investing tips are to help you avoid costly mistakes and get a head start.


A Q&A Section So You Can Quickly Find Answers To The Most Common Real Estate Development Questions

To save you valuable time we've included a real estate investing faq section where you can quickly find answers to some of the most common real estate development questions. 

You can also send in your own questions and ideas to be included.


Email Support via Our RED HELP Desk So You Can Keep On Track

Being a RED Club member gives you access to our RED HELP Desk. This means you can email the RED HELP Desk with your most pressing real estate development questions.

RED Members can email the RED HELP Desk once per month.

GOLD Members receive unlimited email support.

Imagine, for instance, you are dealing with Council and you feel that they are being unreasonable in their requests. What would you give, at that moment, to get advice?

There’s no better feeling than chatting with like-minded property developers, as we’re all very excited about hearing your stories and sharing your RED journey with you.


Exclusive Use Of All Our Tools, Templates, Calculators and Checklists That We've Developed Along The Way

We want to make it easy for you to get results so you’ll get to use our valuable and unique real estate investing and property development resources that we've developed using the experience we've gained including our easy to use templates and printable checklists.

All the hard work has been done for you. We save you hundreds of hours because we've put together literally dozens of "cheat sheets, sample agreements, letters and checklists." This makes it super easy for you because all you have to do is customise them to suit your particular circumstances.

Here are just some of our unique resources that you will receive in just the first few weeks:

Tools: Digitial Impact/Ease Grid, Building Costs Chart, Architectural Design Process Guide

Templates: Real Estate Development (RED) Swot Analysis Template, Real Estate Development (RED) Business Plan Template, Architectural Design Brief Template, Offer To Purchase Real Estate Template, Authority To Bid At Auction Template, RED Rolodex Template, Letter of Intent To Purchase Under Option Agreement

Calculators: Networth Calculator, Personal Budget Calculator, Property Development Back of Envelope (BOE) Calculator

Checklists: New Home Construction Checklist, Real Estate Development (RED) Local Market Feasibility Checklist, Real Estate Development (RED) Site Appraisal Checklist, Concept Design Checklist, Development Permit Application Checklist



Exclusive Access To The RED Club Members-Only Website Where We’ll Continue To Pile Lots of Goodies For You

We'll notify you via a RED Alert email of the latest real estate investing and property development offers, discounts and bonuses and then we'll make everything available on the RED Club Members-Only Website Page so you can find everything easily.

We’ll continue to pile lots of goodies (and we’ll cull through all the fluff for you). We update the Member's-only page constantly so you can take advantage of these and get in before the crowd!


Plus As A RED Club Member You'll Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts


FREE Bonus 1




Our 4 Must Have Getting Started Guides To Help You Set Solid Foundations (valued at $138)

We’ve put these bonus gifts together which are designed to help newbies just starting out in a business venture.  Because we wanted to build a sustainable RED business we found that they helped us to set solid foundations and they can easily be applied to Real Estate Development.


Rich Mindset Secrets: 

This bonus is all about the Physical, Mental and Emotional steps you need to succeed. It explains how to identify blockages that maybe holding you back from making a fortune. It covers money beliefs and your wealth blueprint plus ways to develop a new Rich mindset.


Successful Goal Setting: 

With this bonus you’ll learn the essentials of setting goals. You’ll learn how to set yourself smart goals for success and tips to help you achieve your goals faster so you can avoid “analysis paralysis”.


Essential Planning: 

Here you’ll learn the importance of planning so you can stay focused and on track to achieving your goals. You’ll discover the “do’s and don’ts” in planning and the 4 main business planning principles. It explains business formats including a SWOT analysis and what makes a good plan.


Time Management Mastery: 

In this bonus you’ll learn how to take control of your time so you can use it more effectively. It outlines time management misconceptions and how to make better use of your time using the Time Management Matrix. You learn about time thieves and our favourite - how to apply the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) so you stay focused and avoid wasting time on things that just don’t matter.



FREE Bonus 2

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life! A very powerful 90 page ebook on the importance of developing the right mindset (value priceless)

Change You Mind - Change Your Life! Have you ever dreamt of getting started in real estate investing, becoming a Property Developer and building a Multi-Million dollar property portfolio? Exactly what is your idea of success?

Get ready to expand your reality and open yourself to new opportunities and to succeed in any way you desire — you can be anything you want to be, at any time, anywhere.

In over 80 pages this ebook will explain - You only need to open your mind to the possibilities, then Change Your Mind — Change Your Life!

We're Proud To Be Helping Beginners Get Started In Small Real Estate Development!

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Impressive Information

Hello from Patricia. I've recently become a member of this exciting club and I'd just like to mention how informative I found the link in eLesson 4 pertaining to factors that can influence real estate capital growth.

It definitely highlighted for me how important the positive and negatives can be with regards to location. For example; a Sports Stadium, great for the sports enthusiast, but hey! terrible for those looking for peace and quiet.

This information really demonstrated to me how important it is to do your research and to look over the fence and beyond! Great stuff! Impressive and unique information, I'm looking forward to the next eLesson.

Patricia - New Zealand


RED Club GOLD Member

RED Club GOLD 18 months Membership and Mentoring

RED Club GOLD Members-only Receive


As a RED Club GOLD Member you'll receive all the same benefits as RED Club members PLUS the opportunity to fast track your learning. You'll also get monthly one-on-one coaching time with us plus you'll get ongoing unlimited email support.

And of course you'll enjoy extra special GOLD Member discounts, benefits and bonuses, available ONLY to RED Club GOLD Members. You'll also receive regular bonus eLessons covering more advanced real estate development strategies with heaps more hints and tips.

RED Club GOLD Membership is a one off payment of $4498 for 18 months membership and mentoring.

To become a GOLD Member click here...


RED Club GOLD Members Receive One-on-One Coaching Time And The Opportunity To Joint Venture With Us



Adrian and Amber Zenere












For Peace of Mind RED Club GOLD members-only get One-on-One Coaching time with us

We want to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of the RED Club so while you remain a RED Club GOLD Member you'll get 18 x 20min Personal One-on-One Coaching Calls with us.

That means during the life of your Gold Membership you get peace of mind knowing that you have the opportunity to talk with us about anything you like or perhaps you would like to just check in with us so you can make sure you're on the right track.

Quite frankly, we doubt you'll find another real estate mentor that will personally chat with you on the phone when you need them.

Plus every RED Club GOLD member will get the opportunity to become our Joint Venture Partners

We enjoy developing properties, it's what we do. If you have a project already or one in mind and would like to become a Joint Venture partner with us, as a GOLD member you'll get the opportunity to present your project to us.

If we think it is a viable project and we would like to be involved we'll become business partners and you'll get to work with us one-on-one plus learn practical knowledge and gain valuable experience as you go.

Simply email us at to book in for your personal one-on-one coaching call or to let us know how we can help you with your project.

For A Limited Time RED Club GOLD Members-only Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts Valued at over $22,868


FREE Bonus 1

Bill Zheng

Finance Strategist





Two absolutely amazing workshop DVD's where Bill Zheng talks about the psychology of creating wealth (valued at $198)

Finance strategist and Property Investor Bill Zheng helped us enormously. Bill runs a multi-million dollar investment advisory service and during his workshops we learnt by simply changing our thoughts we could attract an abundance of wealth. 

Bill arrived in Australia at the age of 21 with $300 in borrowed money. He spoke little English and didn’t know anyone in Australia and had nowhere to stay.  He had to overcome years of conditioning from growing up in a poor family to become financially free.

Bill has spent over $600k of his own cash to travel around the world and to learn from the best practitioners in the wealth creation industry.  He is an active property investor and is one of Australia’s most sought after speakers in finance and wealth psychology.

In these 2 DVD’s Bill talks about the psychology of creating wealth.

FREE DVD #1: "Money From INside" - How to reprogram your beliefs to allow money and prosperity in. Bill Zheng

FREE DVD #2:  "Money From OUTside" - Strategies to create wealth from the external world. Bill Zheng

These will be posted out to you automatically. Please allow 7-10 days within Australia and 14-21 days for overseas members.


FREE Bonus 2

 Paul & Mary Blackburn

Personal Development Coaches












Two FREE Mental ToolBox tickets - this three-day workshop is presented by Paul Blackburn (valued at over $1,900)

Internationally renowned Personal Development coach Paul Blackburn of Beyond Success helped us with a lot of the emotional stuff and we made some of our biggest breakthroughs during Paul and Mary's Mental Toolbox workshop where we learned how to identify and eliminate our emotional blockages to success.

We’ve included a second FREE ticket to The Mental Toolbox three-day workshop.  The reason for this is, it’s the sort of workshop that’s great to do with a partner, family member, friend or even one of your key customers. 

Paul is a phenomenal mentor who’s probably best known for his work with the Australian Olympic athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). To find out more about the Mental Toolbox and when the next workshop will be on in your area please visit: TheMentalToolbox 

If we could only ever attend one workshop in our lifetime then The Mental Toolbox would be it. It is especially helpful for those who are struggling to get started. When you're ready to attend a Mental Toolbox workshop just send us an email to and we will book you and a friend in absolutley FREE as our guests.

For those budding developers who reside outside of Australia we'll automatically post you Paul's DVD "Yes You Can Have It All"

Please note, RED Club members will need to cover the costs of travelling to and from this event as the FREE tickets are for entry ONLY .

Note: this workshop has been replaced with the new "Resolving the Mindset Riddle" workshop.


FREE Bonus 3

Real Estate Development

Feasibility Software







Feastudy 7.0 Professional - The Essential Real Estate Development Feasibility Software that we use (valued at $770)

Developers need to know if their projects will be profitable from the start. We use FeaStudy as it is, in our opinion, the most user-friendly financial feasibility software for real estate development and investment proposals that we've used and the most appropriate for our use in smaller-scale residential development.

In considering the time it saves us in preparing a Development Feasibility Report, in our opinion, Feastudy 7.0 Professional Real Estate Development Software is a comparably inexpensive tool compared to the important job it performs.

Below are just a few examples of the types of reports Feastudy 7.0 can generate:

Land Subdivision | Residential Report | Office Development



Special Bonus



Plus For A Limited Time Receive An Archizen Special Bonus

RED Club GOLD members-only receive $20,000 worth of archizen architectural savings certificates

Each GOLD member will receive 9 archizen architectural certificates worth a combined total of $20,000 which can be used for a variety of projects such as renovations, new home development, duplex development, townhouse development, mediun density multi-unit development, commercial/mixed-use development, aged care and child care development projects.

You'll be able to take advantage of these special archizen architectural savings certificates for a period of 2 years. To find out more about our architectural design services click here... *conditions apply.


We're Proud To Be Helping Beginners Get Started In Small Real Estate Development!

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RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profits' Readers-only SAVE $$ on Gold Membership.

Sincere In Helping People Get Started

Hi to you all. I am located in Houston TX, and I am totally new to Real Estate Development - stay tuned for my success story coming soon.

The main reason that I joined the RED Club is because I am a thief! I plan to steal away the 25yrs experience and knowledge that Adrian & Amber has to offer and use it for my own benefit.

More seriously, when I discovered on "youtube" that there is someone out there willing to hold my hand, I jumped at the opportunity, because I feel that they are sincere in helping people get started. I am the same way and I will help others too. Gooooo RED Club.

P.S. I really enjoy the RED Club, I am in the process of securing my first property development site using an Option and your training so far has no doubt been instrumental.

Mitchell - Houston TX USA


See What Others Are Saying About the RED Club!

I received my first eLesson with great excitement - I cleared myself of all those little jobs that need doing on a day to day basis, made myself a cafe' latte, settled myself down and began. Wow, I loved everything about it - and this is just the first one - can't wait to get stuck into eLesson#2. Glynis B

I was delighted to read your latest post specifically addressing the mindset of potential developers. It certainly made me very happy to know that the first $1million may be a struggle with maximum effort on my part but the following $1million would be a breeze in comparison! I look forward to that day. The trick I think is to never lose sight of your goals and dreams. Thank you again LWT

This is fantastic, thank you very much. Regards Mike B

Your podcasts are well presented and having it presented in a down-to-earth manner is really refreshing. I really like your website and what you have to offer. Many thanks Andy

I enjoyed browsing your web site; it has lots of great information. Thank you Tom


We're so confident about our Real Estate Development Home Education Learning Program (RED HELP) that you get our absolutely no-risk-to-you, iron-clad, no-weasel clause

18 Months 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Join the RED Club for a full 12 months, and if you can show us after that time, that you have followed and implemented all of the steps in our program and have not made money then we'll promptly and politely refund you 100% of your membership fees guaranteed. So there's absolutely no risk on your part.  All the risk is on us and you get to keep all the bonus gifts as our way of saying sorry for wasting your time.

If you would like to find out more about our online Real Estate Development Home Education Learning Program beforehand, please visit our FAQ's page or email your questions to us at

Wishing you continued success!

Adrian and Amber Zenere

P.S. Check with your accountant as some investors may be able to claim our Real Estate Development Home Education Learning Program (RED HELP) as a tax deduction.

(Note: If you find that clicking the order button just causes this page to refresh, please try opening this page using Internet Explorer.  Some other browsers – eg Firefox – are not supported by the secure server that we use. 

To Download the following PDF's click on the images below:

The Benefits of Real Estate Development How To Minimise Real Estate Development Risk 8 Top Tips For Getting Started In Real Estate Development


Real Estate Investing Through Small Property Development


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